does my dog love me

Does my dog love me?

Does My Dog Love Me – Mutual bonding and love between any two individuals is supposed to be the basis of any long-lasting relationship between them. The same is true for a man and a dog. Most of the dog owners are known to have same affection and caring attitude for their dog as is there for their own family members. Dogs are believed to reciprocate to the human love in same measures. The love of a human for another human is easy to gauge as they can speak their heart out and can communicate in numerous other ways. However, when it comes to judge the love of a dog for his owner, the matter is not so easy. Although dogs can’t speak but there are numerous other ways in which they can communicate and express their love and affection towards their master. A careful analysis of their body language, behavioral patterns gestures and facial expressions can reveal a lot about their attitude towards their master. They use a combination of sounds, gestures and movements of their body parts to show their love. One can also judge their fondness from their facial anatomy which is claimed to have evolved over years to communicate with the human beings with whom they reside.

Simple Tests

Although there can’t be any thumb rule or any hard and fast criterion to fathom your dog’s love towards you and given the fact that dogs belonging to different breeds express their love in different ways, still there are some ways to make an assessment of their love towards you. Here under are some of the simple tests one can undertake to judge the love of one’s dog: –

  1. Observe the change in behavior of your dog on your entry into your home.
  2. See whether he sulks in your absence. If he does, he surely misses you.
  3. Tell your family members to keep an eye on any change in his behavior or routine during your long absence when you go out on a business trip or so.
  4. Make someone pronounce your name loudly and distinctly when you are absent. If your dog recognizes your name and reacts excitedly on hearing it that’s a clear proof, he misses you and wants to regain your company. The mention of your name must be activating his hopes of rejoining you soon.
  5. You may even venture to play a drama to fathom your dog’s love. Lie down in front of him holding your breath for a short while and feign dead. See his reaction. If he frantically sniffs and pokes you it means he is desperate to bring you out of your plight.

Signs That Convey Dog’s Love

Dogs have devised a number of ways to express their love for their owner. The most common signs that tell about their love are: –

  1. They try to engage with their master in a variety of gestures including wagging of tail, curling up in your lap, trying to rest a nose or a paw on you, showering kisses on your face using lips and tongue, leaning against you and by licking your feet with their tongue.
  2. There are some visible responses one can witness in one’s dog during his/her presence. This may comprise shine in the dog’s eye, brightening of face, beaming or smiling with fondness and trying to make an eye contact directly with his owner. Doing so means the person is very special and the gaze is a token of affection. The eye contact helps in establishing a silent communion between the two.
  3. There could be some audible evidences that the dogs use to express their love. It may be a purring sound or a soft grunting or growling that could be considered as a greeting or a welcome note. Normally a dog would raise his eyebrow for a person whom he loves.
  4. There are -many routine habits and behavior facts that speak a lot about their inclination towards a person. For an example if a dog loves you, he would try to remain close to you. He would try to follow you in most of the cases even unsolicited. He would rub his nose against your body fondly. He would respond to your orders without any delay. He would even bring all his problems to you so as to show that he trusts you. He even shares his toys with you and doesn’t mind if you take his toys away. He gets jealous if you pay attention to other pets.
  5. Dogs have been in human association for so long that they soon modify their animal instinct to be accepted as a family member. This can be well judged from the vigor with which he tries to guard his owner’s family and house. He even tries to herd the family members on to the right track if they mistakenly fall off route on some outings.

Owner’s Duty

Love begets love. In order to claim the affection of one’s dog, one must shower love on the pet in same proportions. One thing is sure that whatever amount of love is showered by you on your dog, the dog will surely return it manifold. There are many ways to perceive this love. If an owner presses the dog to his heart, even the heart-throb may convey the extent of love he possesses for his owner.

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