How to make dog throw up?

Need to make a dog throw up

How to make dog throw up – Among many vital precautions and practices one of the most important things that must be known to pet owners is how to make a dog throw up. Canines are notoriously renowned for their curiosity by the virtue of which they swallow many such things that they never should. Whenever such an eventuality occurs, it becomes necessary to make them vomit intentionally. Although, in most of the cases, it is the vet who decides what to do and how to deal with a specific case but there are some emergencies in which time factor plays an important role. For example if the dog swallows something accidentally, that could create a blockage in the intestine or he gulps something toxic. In such cases even before the arrival of the vet or any other medical help, the pet owner needs to respond instantly. The throw up technique and their practice might prove quite handy in such cases.

When to induce vomiting and when not to.

Vomiting is one of the ways of relieving a dog of its unwanted load but it is not the only one. The pet owner must either be well educated and trained or must seek an expert opinion before proceeding with the concept of making a dog throw up. Inducing vomiting in a dog may sometimes even prove harmful rather than being fruitful.

The decision mostly depends on the ingested material. If the ingested substance happens to be a soft object such as cloth, rubber toy, smooth substances or mild chemicals, making the dog vomit is very much on the cards. Same can be tried if the dog happens to consume things such as an antifreeze, chocolates, fruit seeds, tablets such as aspirin or some plants.

Apart from this if the dog has apparently consumed a sharp object such as a bone or a highly toxic substance, then vomiting could prove disastrous. A sharp object may cause tearing of esophagus on its way up to the mouth. Similarly, a toxic substance such as a bleach, battery or gasoline may cause more harm or even pose the danger of choking. Chicken bone can easily be digested or excreted through the intestine. In many other cases vomiting may be induced under the supervision of the vet.

How to induce vomiting in dogs?

Once the pet owner has made an assessment of the situation and after evaluation of the pros and cons if he decides to go ahead with throwing up exercise, he needs to determine the best way of doing so. There are many alternatives available out of which the best alternative in the given circumstances be selected and executed meticulously by the dog owner. Any one of the following techniques may be adopted: –

  1. Administering Hydrogen Peroxide: – Hydrogen peroxide is by far the most acclaimed method of making a dog throw up. In this technique a 3% hydrogen peroxide mixture is administered to dog in quantity proportionate to body weight of the dog. A safe dose comprises of 1 tea spoon for every 10 pounds of body weight provided with the help of a syringe into the throat of the dog. The method is highly effective and safe. It shows result within few minutes and may be repeated a maximum of 3 times within a set of trials. This method is known to be useful for all kinds of ingested substance.
  2. Syrup of Ipecac: -Syrup of Ipecac can also be used to induce vomit in dogs. This method must be adopted with caution as there is an associated risk that if the dog fails to vomit, the syrup can cause strong irritation in the stomach.
  3. Salt: – Salt is also useful in certain cases to make a dog throw up. However, it requires a careful determination of dose. If a heavy dose is administered, the excess salt lying in the stomach may cause offensive results by turning into a toxic substance.

Important steps to be followed before, during and after throw up.

Following are some of the precautionary guidelines that must be adhered to by the first aid giver: –

  1. If the dog shows symptoms of serious illness such as depression, slow heartbeat, unconsciousness difficulty in breathing, it is advisable not to induce vomiting but to consult a vet.
  2. If it is known that the dog has consumed something poisonous, then it is imperative to induce vomit within 2 hours failing which, the poison would enter the intestines making the subsequent throw up of no avail.
  3. Throwing up episode could be a messy affair. If a dog happens to be on a carpet or bed etc., it needs to be moved to a region where cleaning could be done easily.
  4. Feeding something like a piece of bread to the dog may prove helpful in inducing vomiting.
  5. After administering hydrogen peroxide, it would be advisable to walk the dog even though for a few steps. Walking helps the hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) mix properly with the ingredients in the stomach.
  6. Immediately after the vomiting is complete, the dog must be taken to the vet for further examination and medication.
  7. The pet parent must explain all the observations underlining the important things noticed to the vet so as to arrive at a proper diagnosis of the problem.


Every dog owner must acquaint oneself with the details of throwing up techniques. An immediate first aid at the spur of moment can save the life of their canine companion, so it is very much worth the pain.