my dog isn't eating but acting normal

My dog isn’t eating but acting normal

My dog isn’t eating but acting normal

Your dog may be just picky when it comes to eating, and if he doesn’t feed on one meal, he makes up for it on the next. You may never experience it, but it is not uncommon for pets to reject the food, which can happen for several reasons.

If he does well, loss of appetite is not a cause for concern. But when there is a sudden loss of appetite that lasts more than two days, attention is needed.

Toy puppies and breeds

Especially in puppies, because they have a little reserve of fat and cannot be without food for more than 12 hours. Toy dogs, such as pinschers or Chihuahuas, are more likely to develop hypoglycemia if they skip meals.

In such cases, offer food, honey, on your gums, or seek medical help. In dogs, anorexia (i.e., a reduction or loss of appetite) can be caused by several factors. Some develop preferences for one feed and refuse to eat any other. By giving in and feeding him the desired feed, you “pampered” your puppy, and now he knows how to get his favorite food.

Another cause can be stress

If your pet is not looking to eat, the first concern should be regarding his health. Loss of hunger can be a symptom of several illnesses (including depression that we talked about in this post). However, if the case is a health problem, first he will reject any food (and not just the food)

Another factor that can affect your pet’s appetite is some toothache, for example. Dental problems make chewing difficult, and this can make your pet unable to eat (even if it is hungry). A veterinary evaluation is necessary to identify the problem and for the correct treatment to be carried out. For example, change of environment (beach, farm, different city) or the loss of a loved member of the family (human or other pet).

High temperatures can also decrease the urge to eat. The increase in temperature also influences a lot. Suppose you have traveled with your puppy to a scorching region or even those days of heat above average. It affects your pet’s appetite, which can become more lethargic and not hungry.

It may also show the presence of a parasite, or even respiratory infection that impairs the smell and taste of the food. If your dog stops eating, it is essential to go to the vet for a correct diagnosis.

Tired of sameness

The feed is an essential food for your pet’s health, as it contains several necessary nutrients. But now you imagine what life should be like eating only the same thing day and night. It makes me sad to think, right? Of course, this doesn’t have the meaning that you should give him all the human foods and treats like chocolate. This will only hurt the pet.

There are allowed foods that are just as pleasurable for them as treats for us. Some fruits, vegetables, and snacks suitable for dogs. It’s a great idea to serve these foods to your pet throughout the day in a varied and fresh way. This will make your pet’s food different, and it will not get sick of meals. But if you overdo the number of snacks, he will have no appetite for the ration, and then your effort will be in vain.

Changes in routine

Changes in your puppy’s daily life is a significant factor in changing his appetite. Moving house, staying in a different place like a relative’s house or dog hotel, the arrival or departure of people in the house. All of this can make your pet not want to eat.

However, in all these cases, this lack of appetite tends to last a short time, a day at most! If the symptom persists, it may mean a more significant problem. Then you need to seek veterinary help for a correct assessment.

But it is perfectly reasonable to try, with healthy foods, to see if his appetite returns to normal.

Tips to help with feeding: Ways to get your pet back to eating

A huge mistake that people make when the animal has a lack of appetite is to serve a lot of delicious food, but that he is not used to. If you do, the pets, which are not silly or anything, will understand that if they refuse the feed, they will get other types of food. So what will happen? That’s right, and they are not going to eat their food anymore because they know they will get their food there.

A good alternative is to make your dog’s food more appealing with some artifice. Wet food is great for that. In addition to making the food softer, they have an overpowering smell that attracts pets. A good trick is to mix the wet and dry food and gradually remove it until your pet starts eating frequently. It is worth remembering that changing food all the time is unhealthy and can mess with the dog’s body. If you are going to make an exchange, it must be done gradually, as in the use of the wet food I just mentioned.

Lack of appetite can be healthy at one time or another, but we must always be aware of their health. Offer pieces of lean meat or chicken as it helps to see if he is just unhappy with the feed or has a problem that needs medical attention.

Try pleasant smelling foods

Meat-based baby foods are also excellent and easy to chew if your mouth is sore. Try adding warm water or unsalted chicken broth to dry foods to make a paste in a blender. A canned product, suitable for dogs, with a strong and pleasant smell with a high meat/fat content. Some dogs can eat only when they offer food in hand. Put a small amount of food in the feeder, and when he eats or refuses to eat, take it out and try again an hour later.