signs your dog is dying

Signs your dog is dying

Signs your dog is dying – The relation between beings and dogs is one of the robust links a person will ever have. Dogs are an adorable creation of God who makes a person’s life cheerful with their mischief. They love you unconditionally, can never see you upset. Your fellow people may ditch you but dogs; they will never leave your side. They will always give you a reason for a good laugh. They will care for you their whole lifetime & all they ask for is some affection & back rubs!

A person who is attached & spends years with a dog, the most painful day will come. Death is an inevitable factor and your loyal partner will separate from you. Their lives are very short in comparison to ours. The lifetime of a dog lasts from 10 to 14 years. Some day you have to face this fear my dear friend. The real question is can we actually know when it is the time to bid adieu to our companion.

Dogs cannot speak but have their ways of communicating. Similarly, there will be times when you can recognize if it’s time to say bye. Some signs convey the end is approaching. Observe your pet and you will sense that it’s their leaving time so that you can make it soothing for them.

Elongated dullness

The most usual symptom that they will leave soon. Dogs are commonly sporty and cannot sit at a place for a long time. They are always on the chase but if your dog seems dull, lays at one spot for long period then it’s troublesome for you. If your pet is not nodding at anyone’s call or not showing interest in walking or playing with toys, acting weird then it’s a sign. They may be exhausted and sit at a spot they don’t usually like. There may be some health issues but that possibility is knocked out if the same condition continues.

Drop in diet

A dog never denies eatables but if their end is near, they refuse to eat or drink. There is loss of diet & even if you offer them their favourite dish, they won’t eat it. They stop taking even liquids. This may be an indication that their organs have started collapsing. They just don’t feel the need to have something. This is the most common sign that they are sinking. Although, if your pet doesn’t eat or drink for sometime then don’t jump to the conclusion straight, talk to the vet first.

Balance loss

One of the major signs is when your dog loses control and feels shaky at times. They may have a fit and shake while they are resting or walking. At this time, you can help them by eliminating things from their way that may hurt them and keep them in a calm place. This may ease them a bit.

Bladder control

When a dog is at last stages, they lose control of their bladder because of this they may pee at the place they are laying. This is a sign their organs are collapsing. Be it a trained dog or normal one they may not have sufficient power to get up and ease themselves. So, it’s your duty to ensure they are clean, change their bedding when it’s wet to protect them from irritation. It can be difficult to look after them but you have to be composed seeing their condition.

Changed breathing manner

When dogs are about to sink, they may struggle for breath. Uneven breathing manner could be noticed as there will be enough lag between inhaling and exhaling. If your dog is old then it’s a symptom that they are about to leave but if your dog is young and faces such problem contact your vet. It’s very hard for the owner to see their companion suffer and feels worse because they can’t do anything to help.

Different gum colour

When a dog is in severe condition the gums seems to be faded, white or blue in colour. A healthy dog generally has pinkish gums. The reason could be dry mouth as they are not having anything but different gum colour is a conclusion of system collapse.

Dropped temperature

The body temperature feels cooler than normal on touching due to decreased circulation. This may be the last sign. You can comfort them by giving a light blanket.

Looking for support

They will sense their end is approaching and want their people to stay near them. This could be the last gesture of yours to comfort your dog. They seek your company, care, back rubs & soft communication at this stage. Be with them; don’t leave them in isolation that will make it more difficult for them. It’s nearly impossible to hold yourself and not cry but try not to get emotional, this will make them more worried.

Even though some signs mentioned above may indicate of imminent end, it’s important to realize that they may also be signs of different situations that need therapy and may not lead to death. Likewise, few ailments like swelling and heat stroke can cause a dog’s death if not catered to.

Making Decision

The symptoms that a dog is dying are not always same. Some dogs may develop more severe signs than others. At this time, owners have to think whether they want their dog to pass expectedly, or they have to intervene. It’s a tough decision for the dog owners but at times it’s necessary to end their suffering.

  • Elongated illness will make it painful for the dogs & hard for the owners to witness it. They have to opt for mercy killing to relieve them. Owners even feel guilty while opting this method but it’s for the best. Take the decision when it is necessary to not extend their pain as you don’t want them to quit. Being certain that they go peacefully is an affectionate action. While choosing this option you get time to plan the apt place & moment for their last breath. Consult your vet & clear all your doubts about this process. You can be there at the time of this process. It’s natural to get emotional but be prepared and think that are going to begin a new journey, so greet them properly.
  • You can also choose cremation. This will allow owners to have a part of their pets close to them. You have to select for private or joint cremation. In private one you will get the remains of your dog and get personal time with your near ones. It is costly though. Joint one is inexpensive but you may get remains that are not only your dog’s. Both the ways are respectful though.

Dealing With it

Coping with the loss of a loved is not easy but time is a healer. Give yourself some time & communicate with your closed ones. You can have a beautiful urn with your dog’s name engraved on it or you can customize accessory with some of their remains or paw and nose impressions. Another way is getting their image framed and put them on a wall, every time you see that picture a flashback runs through your mind. Death is inevitable we have to learn how to make ease with it.

Goodbyes are hard!