why my dog sneezes a lot

Why my dog sneezes a lot ?

Every human wants a companion to spend their time and enjoy this harsh life. Some want that fellowship who is free from all evil intentions and just want to give love. Usually, humans find such a company in their pets. Among all domestic pets, dogs are considered as the most honest and the lovable companion. They do not love for greed rather just want to take and give love. They will not judge you, not discriminate you based on your race, sexual preference, religion, choices, bank balance and they have no bad intention and greed to earn anything from you as like are humans.

 Dogs just want the praise and attention of their owners. They love to be surrounded by them and always do things that will make their owners happy. Dogs communicate with their owners, loves them and as well cuddles them. They use different gestures to convey their feelings to their owners like they paw hover to ask for food, rather they use various gestures for scratching them, or when they want to play or want their bones or toys, thus through these gestures dogs talk with their most close people and make their bond stronger. But whenever dogs sneeze it does not always mean that they have a cold or virus attacks him rather there are enormous reasons for the dog’s sneezing gesture. And sometimes it becomes essential to look after our dogs when they sneeze a lot or at an unusual time.

Reasons for the dog’s sneezing 

The structure of the dog’s nose is very similar to that of humans. Usually, a sneeze occurs when the pharynx which is a part between the digestive and nasal passage and acts as an intersection between these passages. When the foreign particle enters in this part or through the mouth or nose, then the body wants to get rid of it and this can be done by the expiration of the air from mouth and nose, though forming a sneeze. Although this process is the same in humans also the reason for excessive sneezing in dogs is many more than this only.

Dog sneezes when dust enters their nose, or when allergens like pollen and grass cause irritation in their nose. The nasal discharge to make dogs sneeze. Tooth pain and various infections like fungal and bacterial infections attack them. Dogs sneezing also means that they are in peace and are relaxed. The sneezes of the dogs also a sign of their high excitement level which means them to roll over the floor and sometimes dogs do acting of being ill to attract their owner’s attention. Sometimes dog sneezes quite frequently so it’s a matter of serious concentration to find the exact cause of your dog’s excessive sneezing. The following are the reasons for the dog’s sneezing:

  1. Sneezing occurs in dogs when foreign particles enter: The dog sneezing happens when dust or other particles enter in their nose and causes irritation. To take out these foreign particles the dogs sneezes to exhale all the dust out of their nose.
  2. Dog sneezes due to tooth pain: One of the rare reason for dog sneezing is due to the toothache. As the gum or tooth diseases or infection is not treated on time then it causes the bone between the oral cavity and the nasal passage to shrill down. In such a condition your dog will experience excessive sneezing and nasal discharge.
  3. Sneezing in dogs due to the infections: The dogs also sneeze when infections attack them. The fungal, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections attacks dogs then they develop symptoms like fever and excessive nasal discharge and sneezing. Aspergillus fungal infection is a common nasal infection found in dogs. Nasal mites also occur in dogs which enter in their nose and cause sneezing. In this situation, it also develops reverse sneezing which immediately requires to consult the veterinary doctor.
  4. Dog sneezes when they are relaxed and excited: The dog sneezes when they are so much excited and happy to show that there are in a happy mood. This happy gesture of dogs is called as the play sneezing which is of no harm and is of no worry. This happens when they are playing and are fully satisfied. They sneeze while playing and shows their happiness as they are mentally distress. This also happens when they do not have the insecurity to get separated from their owners as their owners surround them it makes them happy. This makes them roll over the floor to express their happiness.
  5. Dog sneezing occurs due to mental stress: The mental stress and pressure cause dogs to sneeze excessively. Sometimes sneezing in dogs creates confusion for the owners as they sneeze when they are happy as well as when they are in stress. But few other gestures can help to differentiate between the happy and the sad mood of dogs. As when they are in stress along with sneezing they also do lip licking, yawning and makes their eyes to look like whale’s eyes that are fully round and black. Thus, it is necessary to differentiate your dog’s moods according to their different behaviors and gestures.
  6. Dog sneezing happens when they have tumours: Sometimes the sneezing reflects the serious health problem in dogs like if they have tumours they sneeze also. It is recommended by many veterinary doctors to take their dogs sneezing seriously if it is not stopping. The tumours occur due to second-hand smoke and occur more in long nose breed of dogs. A dog breed called brachycephalic breed dogs has a natural tendency to sneeze more.

These are some of the common reasons which cause excessive sneezing in dogs. Some of these causes are very minor and does not require to consult a vet but other reasons are major like a tumour or an infection requires the urgent recommendations from the vet. Sometimes many dogs have the natural tendency of naturally sneezing excessively as they get sneezing in their genes. But there are certain ways also to cure excessive sneezing dogs which varied from doctor’s consultation to home remedies and change in lifestyle.

How to cure a dog’s excessive sneezing

Dogs do not always sneeze rather they snort which looks similar to that of the sneeze. Snorting occurs in overweight dogs and many owners consider that they think that their dogs are laughing while snorting. So, all type of sneezing does not require a cure as sometimes dogs also sneeze when they are happy and relax as well as when they are stressed they also sneeze. In some breeds, they got sneezing from their parents naturally. So, all type of sneezing is not harmful. It is necessary to distinguish different sneezes in dogs.

When sneezing is a result of some infection then it is necessary to recommend a vet on time. As like human dogs too contract virus infections and if the condition of the dogs worsens like with sneezing, there is also running nose, fever, loss of appetite, coughing then there are high chances that the dog has contracted some canine virus and if not treated on time then more dangerous condition like pneumonia also develops. The owner of the dog should immediately consult the vet and after taking a doctor’s help then some home remedies like giving hot water with honey can be given to the dog. Give hot food and avoid giving cold and icy foods. Just like human dog’s immunity too needed to be boosted and it can be increased by giving antioxidants like turmeric, and some herbal and ayurvedic remedies can also be given.

Thus, take the dog’s sneezing seriously if it is not stopping and is in excessive amount. So be very aware while the dogs develop sneezing and should not be neglected.


Dogs give the best companionship to humans and are regarded as the best friends of humans. Dogs are the most honest and faithful animals who always love their owners and in return, they just want love and attention of their owners. Always be very sensitive and caring towards your dog otherwise they will feel lonely and got depressed. So proper care of the dog needs and requirements is very necessary and never neglect any of the dog’s gesture. Even sneezing of the dogs should not be neglected. Although sneezing is not always a serious concern and does not always require a vet’s help but always research the cause of the sneeze because sneezing sometimes is also the result of some serious health problem like a tumour and various flues and infections. Sneezes sometimes show the happiness of dogs while sometimes reflects their stressed behaviour. Dogs also not tend to let any particle of dust to remain in their nose, so they sneeze out those dirty particles. While some dogs naturally sneeze as they get sneezing in their genes. However, whatever be the reason but always make sure the cause of the sneezing and take proper care of your cut dogs as they are the most lovely animals.

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